Friday, October 30, 2009

Men Who Should Not Wear Speedos

While surfing the other day, for some new subject material, I came upon a picture of some dude who was wearing a speedo.   Not such a big deal, however considering his size and age, he probably should not have been.  A full head to toe bathing suit would have been more suitable.  Anyway...I found a few more of these and decided to make speedos today's subject.

Now, this first one bothers me for two reason.  First he falls under the too old/too fat criteria and, second, he is surrounded by little children.  That's just creepy.  Also, I  think he looks like Richard Branson, the president of Virgin Airlines.  Check out the camera that person is holding, in the background.  Looks like it is aimed right at his crotch.

Well, this guy doesn't fall under the too old/too fat category.  But that thing he is wearing is wrong.  I know it is not a speedo, more like some kind of thong, but it is f'ing horrible.  Add to that the tatoos that make him look like a Tarot Card.

Another of those thong thingies.  Again, too old/too fat.  This must have been some sort of radio contest.  The 92.9 refers to a FM radio frequency in North America.  Ratings must have been down and they decided to run a contest of some sort.  Can't imagine it helped ratings much if this guy was the winner.
Well this one is rather interesting.  He doesn't fall under the too fat category, but definitely too old.  Sort of looks a bit like Willie Nelson.  Can't quite figure out what is going on.  Looks to be some sort of bar on talent night or something.  Hopefully the guy is not a stripper.

Another one that is hard to figure out.  Guy walking on beach with chain and cross around neck.  Could it be some sort of religious retreat or something?  Hey buddy, the size of your cross should never exceed the size of your penis.

Fishing for whales?

Stand back ladies.  Don't this guy look sexy. Redneck all the way with his collection of guns, guitars and body hair.


 Old Droopy Drawers.  If you insist on wearing a speedo, at least get one the right size.


 I know this one is really a thong, but I couldn't resist.  What has got me wondering is that thing sticking out the back of it.  Is it a tag or is the guy a stripper and someone's stuffed in a dollar bill?


  1. Some of these guys are really hot

  2. I just found fapping material for a week

  3. you must be the last guy on earth who hasn't seen Borat.
    Also that guy might have been Richard Branson had he been 20 years older and I am sure the real one can't be a fat ass, because I know how he thinks..
    Still, a nice page, don't let my (criticism of it bring you down, I was trying to be constructive.

  4. Is any of this legall??? :| ...........gross

  5. The man laying down wearing the black speedo bikinis is hot

  6. I'm a chubby guy and I wear speedos to swim laps at the gym pool because less drag actually means a more efficient workout. It's not like I'm there to show off and not many people see that I'm in a speedo anyway.