Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wacky Wedding Pics

Just found a new site
(http://wedinator.com/)with lots of hilarious photos.  Here's a few.

 How would you like to be the father of this bride.  This guy doesn't look too impressed.

I can't even imagine what this bride could possibly be doing on her hands and knees with her boobs exposed.  And what is that in the grooms hands? Is it a leash?

Talk about your worst nightmare.  Can you imagine waking up to this the next morning?


"Honey, lets not do a traditional wedding.  No silly bridal gown or tux for us.  We'll wear out best t-shirts and jeans.  The ceremony and reception will be held at our favorite restaurant (as you can tell by the size of our guts)"   The cigarette pack in the rolled up sleeve of the shirt is a nice touch.


This wedding was redneck all the way.  Probably went hunting on their honeymoon.


And now for the first dance for the wedding couple.  Everyone get their camera's ready.  "Oh, that pesky blast of air from the floor vents!"


 Now that he's married, he won't be getting that anymore.


There I am, testing out the cake.


  1. are these taken in a real church? lets hope not!