Monday, January 25, 2010

Why Do They Dress This Way?

Nothing looks better than an outfit that looks like a clown threw up on it.

Chucky's girlfriend

Cutoff shorts over sweatpants...what a fashion statement

Grandma needs a shave

Those gloves really set off those high heels.

If you were going to all this trouble, you would think that you
would do something with your hair to hide the bald spot.

No comment!

Pimp of the Day

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More: Why Do They Dress This Way?

A few more unusually dressed persons

It's funny that someone would bother to put a black bar over this persons eyes so no one would recognize them.  I'm sure if you knew someone that dressed this way, you would know who it was without even seeing their face.

Kinda hard to tell if this is a girl or a guy.

Guy for sure, with the beard.  Nice skirt!  Very manly looking.

Looks like a giant cotton candy.

A clown from the circus?

And speaking of circuses, Sandra Bullock looks like a lion tamer.  She actually wore this to some awards ceremony.