Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stupid Inventions Part II

More strange and/or stupid inventions I have found.  Again...most of them seem to be from Japan.

 Baby Mop.  Have your kid mop the floor while he is crawling around.
Aren't there child labour laws??

Revolver Egg Mold.  Cook your egg in the shape of a revolver.  Why?

Male Breast Feeding Device.  Again, why?

Automated Urinal.  Looks interesting.  Imagine if it short circuited and would not let go.

 Solar Cigarette Lighter.  Lighters are smaller and faster.

Umbrella Hat.  For those too lazy to hold the handle.

Pee Putter.  Have to go while on the course?  You can pee into the hollow handle of this putter.  No word on if there is something available for the ladies.

Rain Water Collector.  Again, why?

Noodle Cooler.  Lazy, lazy, lazy.

Toilet for Two.  Some things are just meant to be done alone...

Toilet Candy.  Yuk.


  1. Why NOT cook your egg in the shape of a revolver? Watch some Clint Eastwood movies, reckon it would do you some good. :)

  2. stupid inventions and stupid people

    1. Most of them seem to be from Japan. The land of the weird.

  3. you're such a boring people