Saturday, June 26, 2010

Even More Strange Cake Toppers

So much for freedom

Nothing like starting a little domestic fight
This guy can say goodbye to his paycheck.

Might be a bit too risque for the parents
So much for shotgun weddings or the bride wearing a dress to hide
the fact she is 'in the family way".

We can all see who wears the pants in this union.

Easy Rider
He should have brought is bagpipes
Might as well start the "couch potato" thing right off the bat

Dragging her to the alter
She hooked a sucker
The family that sings together swings together
Not going to let this one get away


  1. Do you know where to get the kareoke one?? It's perfect for my best friend and her fiance!!!

  2. Sorry. Just found it somewhere on the internet. Wish I could help.