Monday, September 20, 2010

Top 10 SPAM Subject Lines of the week

I receive hundreds of spam email a week, at work.  Quite a few of them have rather amusing and/or suggestive subject lines.  Almost all are sexual in nature. Every week I will post the 10 funniest or strangest.  I will only post the subject line, not the content.  I will post them as-is with spelling, typographical or grammatical errors intact.

Enjoy drilling her more

Your family orders and saves Keep your rod hardy Your hardness is important for her
Guys with big devices never have to lick up for their fault.
Lead your boner to leadership
Your life will be worthwhile if your penis grows a little.
More drive for in-out sticking, Attack her furiously tonight
Having a big beast in your pants will make you a beast in bed.
Every woman will keep your great size in her memory.
Like having carnal fun? Buy this, Do your lady for 3 more hours
Your bigger size-her better satisfaction, Enough enthusiasm for hotter nights

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