Sunday, October 17, 2010

Top 10 SPAM Subject Lines of the Week

I receive hundreds of spam email a week, at work.  Quite a few of them have rather amusing and/or suggestive subject lines.  Almost all are sexual in nature. Every week I will post the 10 funniest or strangest.  I will only post the subject line, not the content.  I will post them as-is with spelling, typographical or grammatical errors intact.

Put your monster inside her
Lick and suck her all night long
Never let others call you toothpick again
Feel her womb entrance with new length
Off the lights and unleash the terror in your pants
Drive her wet and wild tonight
Your underwear will feel tight enough after you start our treatment. You will be able to serve even two women at a time.
Enjoy a prolonged but controllable rock-solid erection for up to 72 hours.
bosoms accidental befuddling
Long item is your way to future. Natural components of our enlargement pills will make you feel a lot of power.

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