Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stupid Inventions Part I

I found quite a few "Stupid" inventions.  I guess anything has a chance of making it, but some of these things seem too weird for anyone to buy.  Note:  I only showed a couple here, but a lot of the stranger inventions seem to come from Japan.

Finger Protectors.  So your IPhone/IPod won't get smudged with fingerprints.
Think of them as condoms for your fingers.

Butter Stick.  You've heard of the Glue Stick?  Well this is the butter stick.

Got a really bad cold.  Then the Continuous Tissue Dispenser is just what you need.

Tired of your hair getting in your food?

Dog Beer.  Beef flavored.  It's probably more expensive than beer for humans.

Cell Phone Privacy Booth.  Hey buddy, that has already been invented.  It's called a phone booth.

Black Toilet Paper.  I have no idea why.

Penis Locks.  Yes, a chastity belt for the penis.

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