Sunday, June 20, 2010

Top 10 SPAM Subject Lines of the Week

I receive hundreds of spam email a week, at work.  Quite a few of them have rather amusing and/or suggestive subject lines.  Almost all are sexual in nature. Every week I will post the 10 funniest or strangest.  I will only post the subject line, not the content.  I will post them as-is with spelling, typographical or grammatical errors intact.

It is every man's dream! You will drill her as good as Mike Phelps swims!

If watering your tool doesn't help it become bigger we know what works.

From now you don't need a crane to raise your instrument up.

We hae the best alarm-clocks for your little  buddy down there.

Your instrument is so tiny she scarcely finds it in bed?

She will not need a magnifying glass anymore to find your tool.

Every woman will appreciate the big pleasure you give them inch by inch

Lets play around and get naughty

We know how to get your little  fellow up.

Give your nob real power

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